Monday, February 06, 2006

The Weekend in VA Beach

Damn VA Beach. I used to think you all had it going on, but this weekend was definitely a bust for me (well, almost - ). Since I didn't have anything going on this weekend, I decided to head for Virginia Beach. I will confess that my main reason for going was to eat at Capt. George's Seafood Buffet Restaurant. Since I was going to be in an area where I knew one of my fellow bloggers had recently moved to, I hit him up for a little planned meeting. I was really looking forward to that since he is one of the few who is close to my age (and we had never met). We agree that I will call when I get into my hotel room. He asked me to txt him. I did and got a msg back that he had to go to "bc" unexpectedly. Shyt.
So I get on the net to find out where sgl folks hang out in this town. Surely with Norfolk, Hampton, Newport News and VA Beach all tucked in the corner of Tidewater Virginia, there ought to be something happening on the weekend. Well, wherever it was happening, I didn't find it. The net talked up this place called "Klub Ambush " on S. Lynnhaven Rd. If you click the link, you will find the info just ain't there. No pictures or nothing. Shoulda been a clue. I found it in a parking lot of an old strip mall by a laundramat. Sat in the parking lot for a minute to scope out the clientele. Practically all Caucasion (no offense, just not who I want to party with), a great number of lesbians (can do anything for me), and a really small azzed place (I think my condo holds more folks, especially for intimacy).
Thank God I brought my reading material along with some DVD's (don't ask titles, I ain't telling, but thanks Maxim ). Also, more hotels are starting to provide free wireless internet, but the bandwith in this hotel was ridiculous. Kept losing the connection and the signal would decline and then increase. That is frustrating as hell! Either offer good service or none at all. Ok, back to the weekend. So now I am back to trying to salvage the weekend. I get this IM from someone who invites me to stop by on my way home. I did, we meet, his shyt is tight, looks promising. Beyond that - a gentleman never tells!
Shem hotep.

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