Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Week In Review

This was a week of highs and lows. The lows were tough but as my friend No4real4real says "I stomp with the big dawgs!" (Hell, if I could drop a few years, I would compete with him in the FLY category, too, but oh well -lol). There is some shyt going on at work where staff is doing a good job of undermining the boss. The bad thing is that the CEO is buying into it and the agency could lose the best person they have ever had. But you know how it is when folks want to do what they want to do and not what is good for the organization. They get together and create some chaos and confusion. Well I intend to do what I can to keep the boss in place. If I get fired, so what. I work because I want to now, and not because I have to.

Another low was getting played by someone I met first on my 360 blog and then in person. We seem to hit it off on our first brief meeting, agreed to get together again on Tuesday night (he chose the day and since he is an hour away from me, I booked a non-cancellable night at a hotel). You can guess the rest. I get there, check in, send a couple of text messages and hit his voicemail. No response. Now my friend Spiderman (love ya) told me to just forget it. But for me, I have to have closure, not revenge or spouting anger, just having my say. I did that, I ain't mad, just moving on.

Now the high came with someone else that I met on 360 (damn y'all. Check out all my hits and "friends"). A brotha could get a 'swelled head' over there. Anyway, I have a conversation going on with SupaTall. He's cool, closer in age (though there is still a few years), and knows how to use some technology. Oh by the way. Did I mention that he is cute as hell. The Fratman may have to do some traveling behind this one, but lesson learned. Meet in a neutral spot where both have in investment. Have a "jood" weekend (read some James Earl Hardy) and shem hotep.

PS: If you're wondering how the photo relates, it doesn't but good eye candi, huh.


KneeDeep said...

Yeah good eye candy, and good post, thanks.

Troy N. said...

First you must remember rule 1. Men are only good for repairs and most aren't good at it:) So you stay in constant repair mode looking for THAT man.

Not4real4real's recent post about his family was beautiful

No4real4real said...

Damn that sucks. Damn a hotel - bring them home. Its free...