Thursday, November 03, 2005

And The Beat Goes On.

Ok. I know I haven't really blogged about anything exciting in a while, but that's the way life is for us baby boomers. Not a whole lot happens that is exciting in any way. So, for what little bit is going on, here are my recommendations:

1. If you haven't seen Tyler Perry's production (up close and in person), go see it if it is in your area. My ex and I went last week to see it and I laughed until my jaws hurt. This show was Medea Goes to Jail and it was one hilarious show. At times, even Perry gets to laughing at himself as Medea and has to catch his breath. On the serious side, Tyler is a gifted actor and a great humanitarian. He is donating $1 million to his hometown of New Orleans for Katrina relief.

2. This weekend I am going to see "Men Cry In the Dark" being performed at Raleigh Memorial Auditorium. I will blog about it after the show. Stay tuned.

3. Y'all know by now that I am an absolute fan of my frat, Rashid Darden. If you haven't read Lazarus, then what are you waiting on? You won' t be disappointed. Help a brother out, here. This is his first novel and there is more to come.

4. Then read Down For Whatever by Frederick Smith. I did, and I am glad I did. Not only that, I had the opportunity and pleasure of meeting Fred in ATL during Pride (I still have a high from Atlanta Pride and can't wait for next year). Fred is down to earth, and I am hoping to get my alma mater to sponsor him for a book reading/signing in the near future.

5. Coming up, Maxim and I are going to see "Wicked" in NYC during the Veterans Day weekend. No4real4real told me about this play during our meeting in CT this summer, and since I am a Broadway junkie, I began making plans to get back to NYC and see it. Now is the time.

6. Speaking of No4real4real, he has been having some difficulties of late. Stop by his blog and show some love. He is one cool dude who will not let stumbling blocks get in his way. As he says on occasion, "He stomps with the big dogs." Holla at him.

7. Another blogger whom I consider to be really sharp on many issues is Kenneth Winfrey. He is self-employed (so give him some business), but if you keep up with Keith Boykin's website, Kenneth is a frequent (and eloquent) poster. Agree or disagree, you cannot take away from the intellectual prowess of this brother. Just look for the long responses to identify his observations (I am sure he will respond to this comment - "wink"). He also posts on Keith's blog and has started several interesting threads.

Ok. This got longer than I intended, but this is the word for now. Shem hotep.


Man Seeking to R.I.S.E said...

Thanks for the update. I have to get on the ball myself. I have a lot to say but not enough time. Isn't that the story of our lives? Much love.

*Madosi said...

Madea is a trip, I got a chance to see it when he first started the tour ... my moms went to see it when he was here in ATL and has not stopped talking about it!

I cannot wait to see this one on the big screen!

Glad you enjoyed my home so much man ... many of us are looking forward to next year's pride as well.

I have been inspired to get more involved in the planning ... so we will keep you all posted and promise to make it even more enjoyable as this years ...

Frederick Smith said...

I never thought I would be a "Madea" fan, but I found the shows to be incredibly funny and entertaining.

Wicked... one of the BEST! Can't wait for The Color Purple to hit Broadway... and then the national tour, hopefully.

And thanks for publishing the picture of me in my picnic table shirt! lol. It's FABulous, huh? I can laugh at myself a lot... Thanks for the support!

Clay said...

i cant endure Madea- a few things on that list i need to do!

Jamal K. Franklin said...

I absolutely love MADEA!

Kenneth said...

IN the course of human events, a prolifically verbose child is born. The child is brought to the planet to save humanity from its wordlessness. Without the child, there would be nothing to hear, nothing to read, and therefore, nothing to say. However, there are times when too many words is too much, and not enough.

OK that was actually my being a smart a** because of your comments about my long posts--I didn't wanna let anyone down...

That's cool. My fans love 'em (my long posts), and they're gonna all get together and come after you if you keep pickin' on me (waaaa! waaaa! KICK SCREAM).

Actually, I'll shut up if there is something in my mouth (or quit typing if my hands are tied up...)HA HA