Tuesday, August 02, 2005

This morning at the gym

There are 2 dudes, LooksandBody and GoodVibes, that I have been checking out at the gym every morning. Both have great bodies but one has the looks to go with the bod while the other is whatever. Anyway LooksandBody has started bringing LittleDude with him and they pay no one else any attention. That's cool because he is still good eye candy and helps increase my metabolism on the treadmill (I won't go into my fantasies, but it helps when you're running 7.5 miles an hour - lol). Now GoodVibes is a strange character. On the gym floor, we make eye contact but no conversation (he uses a personal trainer). He is a buff little guy and reminds me a lot of MySon2 (see previous blog). When he gets to the locker room, still no conversation and I get a reluctant hello if I speak first. But the strange thing is that if he and I are alone in the men's sauna, then he is chatty. Today we talked about his desire to spend a week at a spa. (I should tell him about the resort in Key West that would fulfill his needs). Again, once outside the door, he becomes distant. Damn, I hate this on again/off again shyt (thanks SmilingOnThaDL for this word - missing you already bro.). Shem hotep!


The Church Boy said...

This totally reminds me of what happens to me at this new gym I go to now...very similar stories...anyway, glad you're back in action!

You waited over a year before networking...shame on you!

Bernie said...

This must be a universal condition. Guys do at the same thing at my gym, except to the next level. The cruising and "action" gets fierce in the steam and sauna, with only eye contact in the locker room and then no words or eye contact on the exercise floor. Sad. Men will give you parts of their bodies, but never their whole selves. Never a desire to connect on any meaningful level.