Sunday, July 31, 2005

Back from Vacationing

Well, after 2 weeks of driving in the mid-west, Canada and New England, not to mention a business trip to FL, I am finally home for a while. We logged 2800+ miles and spent 44 hours of driving time in the car. Now, that's what I call quality family time. For all of you young bloggers reading this, I highly recommend taking time off for yourself (Prodigal Sun got this right), and for all of you 'seasoned brothas' like me, do it while you still can. One of the highlights of this trip was dinner on last Thursday night with a young brotha who knows how to enjoy life, knows where his options are for the future, is charming as well, and is damn phyne as his blog picture. He can party with the best of 'em and still get to work on Monday morning. He's a good blogger and I look forward to our continuing chats.

So what do you do on a Sunday afternoon after traveling so much? Since my desktop computer has been fukking up and not letting me access the web through DSL, I have been relegated to dial up with my lap top. Well, I have had the equipment to set up a wireless network since March 2004, but I was too lazy to do it myself and I haven't had much success bribing, cajoling one of my buddies into doing it. Anyway, my desire to read/write blogs and use cams with some folks drove me to desperation. As of 20 minutes ago, I got this damn network configured. I have spent the sunny part of the afternoon doing this, and now it's raining like hell so I might as well stay in and use it.

To any of the brothas who I peeped in South Miami Beach on Saturday night, let me say y'all are some delicacies that makes a brotha want to relocate - LOL.

And finally to the brotha/blogger that I was chatting today, HAVE A GREAT TIME AT THE SUPER BALL tonight!! Wish I could be there.

And for those who clicked the picture link above, yep. I had a minute with no4real4real and that's FOR REAL.

Shem hotep!

Check out my frat's novel - Lazarus if you haven't already!!

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No4real4real said...

I had a great time at dinner on Thurday. Thanks for making me apart of your travels and I will let you know how the Pinot Grigio turns out when I open it. I am not a lush so that may be a while. Thanks again.