Tuesday, July 11, 2006

One Nation Under Whose God?

I received this email with the usual request to pass it on. I do so not with the intention of the sender, but that you might see the homophobia that is so blatantly and disturbingly a part of the mindset of the principal and leader of a public school. Note the first group that he chooses to denigrate in the name of God:

"A statement that was read at a Tennessee football game This is a statement that was read over the PA system at the football game at Roane County High School, Kingston, Tennessee, by school Principal, Jody McLeod. "It has always been the custom at Roane County High School football games, to say a prayer and play the National Anthem, to honor God and Country." Due to a recent ruling by the Supreme Court, I am told that saying a Prayer is a violation of Federal Case Law. As I understand the law at this time, I can use this public facility to approve of sexual perversion and call it "an alternate lifestyle," and if someone is offended, that's OK. I can use it to condone sexual promiscuity, by dispensing condoms and calling it, "safe sex." If someone is offended, that's OK. I can even use this public facility to present the merits of killing an unborn baby as a "viable means of birth control." If someone is offended, no problem... I can designate a school day as "Earth Day" and involve students in activities to worship religiously and praise the goddess "Mother Earth" and call it "ecology." I can use literature, videos and presentations in the classroom that depict people with strong, traditional Christian convictions as "simple minded" and "ignorant" and call it "enlightenment." However, if anyone uses this facility to honor GOD and to ask HIM to Bless this event with safety and good sportsmanship, then Federal Case Law is violated. This appears to be inconsistent at best, and at worst, diabolical. Apparently, we are to be tolerant of everything and anyone, except GOD and HIS Commandments. Nevertheless, as a school principal, I frequently ask staff and students to abide by rules with which they do not necessarily agree. For me to do otherwise would be inconsistent at best, and at worst, hypocritical... I suffer from that affliction enough unintentionally. I certainly do not need to add an intentional transgression. For this reason, I shall "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's," and ref rain from praying at this time. "However, if you feel inspired to honor, praise and thank GOD and ask HIM, in the name of JESUS, to Bless this event, please feel free to do so. As far as I know, that's not against the law----yet." One by one, the people in the stands bowed their heads, held hands with one another and began to pray. They prayed in the stands. They prayed in the team huddles. They prayed at the concession stand and they prayed in the Announcer's Box! The only place they didn't pray was in the Supreme Court of the United States of America - the Seat of "Justice" in the "one nation, under GOD." Somehow, Kingston, Tennessee, remembered what so many have forgotten. We are given the Freedom OF Religion, not the Freedom FROM Religion. Praise GOD that HIS remnant remains! "

A final word from the Fratman:

Somehow, Kingston, Tennessee forgot that we are all one people created in the image of God and commanded to love one another as He has loved us.

Shem hotep.

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Two previous comments:

Wow, that really pissed me off. And the bit about environmentalism...? Wow. This lady's head is so far up her ass, I'm amazed anyone could understand what she was saying on the PA system. --Posted by Jeff Crowder to Seasoned_Yet_New_In_Da_Life at 7/10/2006 04:18:52 PM

Note to self: Never drive through or stop in Kingston, TN. --Posted by Bernie to Seasoned_Yet_New_In_Da_Life at 7/10/2006 05:34:10 AM


Kenneth Winfrey said...

The problem with such actions resides in the fact that it creates discrimination and division. Even as she tried to present the "option" of prayer, those who might not have joined in would have been much more likely to face condemnation from those in the stands near them.

No law states that one MUST advocate homosexuality under any terms. It asks that no one be condemnded for it.

No law states that one MUST announce that condoms are available, but they should be, without condemnation, in order for young people to save (and/or plan) their lives.

No law states that one MUST advocate abortion. The law simply protects those who might choose it from the condemnation of those who would not choose it for them.

People who don't want children shouldn't be foreced to bear or raise them--the child is doomed from the start if they don't have loving parents anyway.

...and I don't know what to say about that Eath Mother Godess bit either, but you catch my drift.

Christian convictions don't make a person "simple-minded" or "ignorant." These puffed up Christians who impose their lifestyle on others by designating themselves the only people worthy of the love of a higher power choose it on their own.

bg said...

I may be misunderstanding your last statement, but, "...by designating themselves the only people worthy of the love of a higher power..."

It IS to my understanding that Christians believe they are quite UNundeserving of the love of a "higher power," thus the reason for Jesus' sacrificial death on the cross.
I hope that whatever interactions with your acquaintances have not been that of puffed up Christians, but apparently they have been.

I also understand Christians believe that God, the creator of every person, seeks out ALL people without condemnation, judgement, or with a view that some are more deserving than others.

Thank you.

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