Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Human Rights Campaign Airs "Dirty Laundry"

Ok, now that I got your attention :

In January of this year while visiting DC, I had the unexpected pleasure of attending the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) luncheon for youth from Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Aside from being in the presence of very vibrant youth who seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves in this positive and affirming environment, and being in the room with one of my fav authors, Alphonso Morgan (the man is just plain handsome, props), and listening to an inspiring message delivered by Dr. Michael Lomax (United Negro College Fund), the occasion gave me an opportunity to learn more about the work of this pioneering organization.

There are 2 things that I want to call to your attention:

1. The HRC has a great publication on the website entitled "Resource Guide to Coming Out for African-Americans." It covers the spectrum from 'religious organizations' (hmmm, gay black buddhists?) to 'Black Prides' (yeah, I am going back to the ATL in Sept., holla) to 'Hotlines' (not the kind of party you thinking). There aren't very many things left in life that are free, but this guide is yours for the downloading from the Human Rights Campaign Website. Get it while it's hot.

2. The HRC is sponsoring previews of Maurice Jamal's new film "Dirty Laundry" in several cities. Check out the listings and the movie trailer on the HRC website. Although the schedule ends with September 2006, a reliable source (hey, the NY Times isn't the only one with them) tells me that Greensboro, NC may be an additional location in October. Stay tuned.

So, let me end by giving a mad shout out to Brandon Braud and the crew of tireless workers at HRC for the good work that you are doing for African-Americans in 'the life.'
Shem hotep.

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