Friday, March 10, 2006

What's Up With the Fratman

A fellow blogger told me not long ago that when older guys start coming out, we are like adolescents. Well, guess what. He could not have been more right. I didn't have this much excitement and fun as an adolescent. And let me say thanks to all of you who have helped to make this possible - Rashid, Tandy, Callis, Maxim, Kenneth, Jai, No4real4real and others.

Now on to the business at hand. I have met "two persons of interest." One is a considerable distance away, and our hot & heavy budding relationship is confined (right now) to telephone, text, IM and emails. We intend to change all that real soon. The other is local, OMG HOT and a great lover (did I say that?). But he is moving to Europe at the end of this month and so....

Those are the two extraordinary men in my life right now. There are a few others who I can move up the chain (LOL) as vacancies arise. But please somebody tell me why guys get into telephone sex?? I get IM messages and a few calls asking for sex by phone from those that I have given my number to. One guy called me at 4 am on a work night! And we won't even go into the ones who put their webcams up for any and everybody to view (though I admit Gentle Alchemy has much to be proud of - oh my!).

So, I am learning a lot fast, ripping through my adolescence, already been played - still pissed about that one, and have had to permanently block someone from my IM who was falling in love. Geez, we ain't even met and he don't know me like that. And for those who put up a picture or send pics that are way out of date or when you weighed 80 lbs. less, please stop it. You will be found out. Dammit, if we meet, you gonna be found out. Btw, 4 those who know, I decided to decline the preacherman. Just didn't feel right, and I'm going with my intuition for right now.

Aiight, aiight. Didn't intend to get to bitchin. It's Friday and I got a date tonight. So don't call me, I'll call you (if I'm feelin you). Shem hotep.

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