Thursday, June 09, 2005

First Shout Outs

I arrived at this point through the works of some serious authors whom I want to pay homage to. First and foremost is my frat, Rashid Darden. Rashid is da man and I want everyone who reads this blog to go to his Old Gold Soul website and order Lazarus. You ain't seen nothing yet. This brotha has got a future. Check out his diary, too and the photos are slammin'.

Then, check out
Alphonso Morgan's book, SONS. Some of y'all have had the same thoughts as Aaron, so go read it. Those of you who are Sha wannabes can read up, too.

Get your hands on Lee Hayes' book
Passion Marks. If you see yourself as Kevin or James, then seek help! Much love. Lee did a book reading for my Cousin and several of his friends, so he is really approachable (shout out here to my cuz who is also my heart).

I can't say enough about
Keith Boykin except you gotta read Beyond The Down Low for yourself. Now that's for real (with all due respect to my brother no4real4real).

There are many more up and coming authors, and as I read'em, I'll tell ya. Stay in touch, and y'all come back now, ya hear.

Peace and One Love.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your blog...

SmilingOnThaDL said...

Welcome to the blogworld!

I love my Alpha Men!

No4real4real said...

So you decided to join the blog world - WELCOME!!!

Rashid @ Old Gold Soul said...

Yes....welcome, indeed! 06!

malik said...

A-PHI! It's a frat convention up in here! LOL!!! Seriously, i have to offer up a hearty second endorsement to all your book selections. Rashid's Lazarus was my first pleasant surprise of the summer reading season, followed by Alphonso Morgan's amazing Sons. You got good taste, frat!